Q: How many guests can the barn accommodate

A: The barn can seat up to 300 guests for dinner without infringing on the large dance floor or the Mezzanine.

Q: What is your noise curfew

A: Our curfew is 11:00 PM.

Q: What does a wedding cost at Meadow Ridge

A: Our average wedding has a six-figure budget. Assuming your wedding is not a Micro Wedding, you would want to have a budget of at least $85,000 to realistically host a wedding at Meadow Ridge.

Q: How long do we get for our celebration

A: You have 7 hours for your celebration (not to exceed 11:00 PM).

Q: Can we access the property earlier than the 7 hour start time

A: Yes. We expect you, your wedding party, immediate family (basically anyone who will be in your pre-ceremony photos) to access the property earlier. Your vendors will also need to arrive early to set up, and stay late to load out.

Q: Do you have overnight accommodations on site

A: No. However we do have a beautiful Inn in the nearby town of Hudson. Most of our couples choose Hudson as the central location for their guests to stay, so this ends up being convenient.

Q: Do you offer after-parties

A: We do not. Our curfew is later than many venues and we have found couples prefer to host their after-party at a spot closer to where their guests are staying. We can make recommendations for after-party locations.

Q: Do you have parking available

A: Yes. We can accommodate 150 vehicles, however, most of our couples prefer to offer shuttles to their guests to allow them to drink and celebrate without the worry of driving after the event.

Q: Do you have a preparation suite/bridal suite

A: Yes. We have a gorgeous and spacious suite for your use.

Q: Do you have a fire pit

A: Indeed we do – and it’s a big one. We include our fire pit in our site fee. Our staff will build and maintain the fire. Guests can relax in the Adirondack chairs and take in the stars. (Ask about our custom S’mores station.)

Q: Do you offer rehearsal dinners

A: Yes! We offer rehearsal dinners in our Garden which is ideal for relaxed gatherings and just far enough away from the main venue areas that your big reveal will not be spoiled the night before.

Q: Do you have catering in-house

A: No. We want your celebration to be a reflection of you and understand food is a big part of that. We therefore work with outside caterers to offer more variety.

Q: What if I have a specific caterer in mind already

A: Awesome! If they are not already on our approved list, we are happy to meet with them to get them approved.

Q: Do we have to rent restroom trailers

A: No. We have restrooms inside the barn. Our staff tidies them every 30 minutes during a celebration.

Q: Do you require a wedding planner

A: Yes. We require a minimum of partial planning services from a professional wedding planner who has a staff of at least one assistant per every 50-75 guests. We also offer professional coordination services in-house, should you prefer that.

Q: Do you offer mini weddings and micro weddings

A: Yes. We offer both Mini and Micro wedding packages for gatherings from 2 to 100 guests. Our standard wedding packages would apply for a celebration larger than 100.

Q: Can we incorporate our dog into our ceremony

A: Absolutely. We love well-behaved, friendly dogs and have had many couples include their furbaby in their celebration. We can even recommend professional dog sitters for after the ceremony.